Transfer printing sticker for PU stress toys

Transfer printing sticker for PU stress toys As we all know, PU is a soft and elastic product. Generally, after the pad printing or printing product is pasted on its surface, cracks and poor adhesion will occur due to the expansion and contraction of PU, and complex patterns cannot be printed, which seriously affects the product value. At present, our company adopts special technology to produce a kind of PU transfer sticker, which can print various complex patterns on the [...]

About PU stress shapes and balls

About PU stress shapes and balls PU stress toy is a new type of high-grade toys, safe, non-toxic, with smooth surface, lovely shape and bright color. It is soft and easy to handle. It will bounce back soon after squeeze. It is the first choice for gift, collection, decoration and gift promotion. PU stress toy include PU stress shape and stress ball. PU shapes and PU balls are made by developing molds. PU ball is a very good decompression product, which is good for relieving mental [...]

What is an autistic kid?

What is an autistic kid? Autism: What Is It? Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that impacts a child’s development in two core areas: the first is social communication and social interaction, and the second is restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. HuaYi offer autism toy for kids to help kids get everything in order.

What is a balloon ball?

A balloon ball is a balloon, inflate like a balloon, look like a ball, not a normal balloon. There are many animal shaped balloon balls, like dinosaur, tiger, lion, fish, pig, frog…, balloon ball made with soft rubber TPR material, you could stretchy them also, it is so funny.

What is splat ball?

What is splat ball? Splat ball is the toy that goes splat, but always comes back as original shape!  they are so funny and venting toys for kids and adult for stress relief. There are many shapes of splat balls, like fruit, lovely animals…, visit our page for

Application and production process of PU slow rising toys

Application and production process of PU slow rising toys PU toy is a new type of toy with higher grade. It is safe, non-toxic and environmental friendly. It has no danger. The product is soft in handle, not afraid of falling, not afraid of pinching, and has a lovely rebound. It is suitable for playing. It is a good gift toy for preschool education, and also suitable for adults to vent Props: rebound animals with high simulation degree, simulation food, can be [...]

Maximum print of client’s logo on fashion cool LED bracelet for small order

Maximum print of client’s logo on fashion cool LED bracelet for small order Below fashion LED bracelet face of maxi. print with client’s logo, bracelet face and LED colors can many colors, logo also could be printed on the bracelet band, your logo can be well exposure and the bracelet with super bright LED which so cool in the dark night, we accept small order.                    

What is fidget Spinner?

Fidget Spinner, also known as finger spinner in foreign countries, is a kind of small toy with symmetrical bearing structure, which can rotate over the finger. Fidget Spinner can help to quit smoking, relieve ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ink adhesive is not so well on gifts toys with PE raw material

Ink adhesive is not so well on gifts toys with PE raw material   PE ink adhesion is not so good, ink will not fall off if  just hands touch, ink may removed if nail scraping, same situation will not on PP, so customers who need custom printed logo on toys items not choose the ones with PE raw materials may be better.