How to produce silicone luggage tags with complex patterns?

How to produce silicone luggage tags with complex patterns?

In general, common production process of silicone luggage tags is coloring. This process is evolved from PVC coloring.

However, due to the stronger viscosity of silicone, many silicone luggage tags cannot be produced with a coloring machine and require manual coloring.  Coloring process cannot produce fine patterns and needs to be simplified, so the actual silicone luggage tag produced is often different from design drawing. If things are different, customers will feel cheated, and you will easily conflict with us.


In order to solve this problem, HuaYi has developed an silicone multi-color integrated moulding process and obtained an invention patent.

Advantage of this process is that it can be produced completely according to design drawing without simplification. Actual silicone luggage tag produced is 100% same as design drawing and surface has strong color fastness and cannot be scratched off, which greatly increases the service life of the silicone luggage tag.

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