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Material: 100% imported PVC

Payment: bank transfer, western union, paypal

Made and ships directly from China factory

Email: sales01@huayiltd.com

Whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

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Technical parameter:

Minimum size: 1cm X 2cm

Maximum size: 200cm X 100cm

Picture : According to designing Customize

Input voltage: DC3V/6V/9V/12V/24V/AC110V/AC220V

Output voltage: AC80V-180V

Output Frequency: 400HZ-1800HZ

Luminance: 85cd-150cd

Function: Constant light / Flash cartoon / Sound Control / Gradual change

Life-span: 8000hour~10000hour


Use indoor: According to routine production

Use outdoors: Need to increase UV and waterproof protective measure



Shipment way:

by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT/EMS to door not include import customs clearance service

by airline to airport include import customs clearance and delivery to door service if needed

by sea to sea port include import customs clearance and delivery to door service if needed

Art Requirements: 

Editable formats: customers better to send us electronic work files in editable formats such as .EPS, .PSD, .AI, .PDF and so on.

Conversion: all fonts need to be converted into curves/outlines.

Color Mode: CMYK is preferred.

Clarity: only accept JPEG and bitmap images with resolution higher than 300dpi.

How to order:

Step 1: inquire to Email: sales01@huayiltd.com or whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

Step 2: pricing

Step 3: invoice

Step 4: payment

Step 5: production and ship out

Step 6: export and import customs clearance

Step 7: receive order

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