EL Equalizer Car Stickers

EL Equalizer Car Stickers

Material: PVC
Light colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Rose
Connection cable: about 3m
Car charger cable: 1.9m
Voltage: 12V

Payment: T/T, western union, paypal

Email: sales01@huayiltd.com

Whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

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EL Equalizer Car Stickers



Flexible and thin

Cold light,no heat generated,Green Products.

Low power consumption:80W per square meter

Easy installed

With Attractive animation with soft light,Best choice for advertising.

Can be with customized printing on

Sound effective



1. Thickness:0.2-0.5mm 8. Bend Radius:0.25″
2. Property: Flexible 9. Operating Humidity:0-90%
3. Uselife: 8,000-12,000Hrs 10. Operating Temperature:-60°c—60°c
4. Size: A4–A6 and Customized 11.Capacitance:2-5nF/sq.in
5. Lighting effect: sound active 12. Input Voltage: 12V dc
6. Certificate: CE  &  ROHS 13. Best Working Voltage: 90-120Vac
7. Brightness:80-120cd/sq.m 14. Best Working Frequency: 600-800Hz


Main size:




45*11cm Stand



80*16cm 64*19cm
80*16cm 50*30cm
Your special size can be customized.


How to Use:

This product is furnished with double faced adhesive tape(and is covered with a protective membrane),you can remove membrance and stick it to the car back windshield.
Wire Connection:
Step1: connect the Equalizer Car Sticker with the 12 VDC Inverter
Step2: conncet the inverter with the Cigarette Lighter into car
Step3: inserted the Cigarette Lighter into car
Step4: adjust the sound sensor to make lamp lightening when there is a sound nearby



Driver connect with automobile tail light and brake light

Driver connect with automobile cigarette lighter

Package including:
1 * Car Music Rhythm Sticker
1 * Controller with ribbon cable
1 * Car Charger with cable

Shipment way:

by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT/EMS to door not include import customs clearance service

by airline to airport include import customs clearance and delivery to door service if needed

by sea to sea port include import customs clearance and delivery to door service if needed

Art Requirements: 

Editable formats: customers better to send us electronic work files in editable formats such as .EPS, .PSD, .AI, .PDF and so on.

Conversion: all fonts need to be converted into curves/outlines.

Color Mode: CMYK is preferred.

Clarity: only accept JPEG and bitmap images with resolution higher than 300dpi.

How to order:

Step 1: inquire to Email: sales01@huayiltd.com or whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

Step 2: pricing

Step 3: invoice

Step 4: payment

Step 5: production and ship out

Step 6: export and import customs clearance

Step 7: receive order

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