Large hand throw EPP foam glider model toy

Code: HY-FX709

Material: EPP foam

Unit weight: 105g

H.S. code: 9503000

Payment: wire transfer, western union, paypal

Directly ships from China


whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

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Giant hand throw EPP foam glider model toy

Color: red, blue and white

Weight: 105g

Gliding distance: 50m

Control mode: inertial glide


Product specifications:

Aircraft size: 850x580x110 mm

Packing method: OPP bag

Packing quantity: 28 pieces

Packing specification: 860x480x400mm

Net weight: 6.5kg

Gross weight: 7.5kg

How to order:

Step 1: inquire to Email: or whatsapp/wechat/tel: +8618098204571

Step 2: pricing

Step 3: invoice

Step 4: payment

Step 5: production and ship out

Step 6: export and import customs clearance

Step 7: receive order

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