About PU stress shapes and balls

About PU stress shapes and balls

PU stress toy is a new type of high-grade toys, safe, non-toxic, with smooth surface, lovely shape and bright color. It is soft and easy to handle. It will bounce back soon after squeeze. It is the first choice for gift, collection, decoration and gift promotion.

PU stress toy include PU stress shape and stress ball. PU shapes and PU balls are made by developing molds.

PU ball is a very good decompression product, which is good for relieving mental and physical pressure, so it is also called stress ball.

PU stress ball, also known as foam ball, belongs to the category of sponge products. There are PU football, PU baseball, PU rugby, PU basketball and so on.

PU shapes with shape more complex than PU stress ball, there are many styles, PU shapes include PU peach heart, PU fruit, PU animal, PU food, etc.