Application and production process of PU slow rising toys

Application and production process of PU slow rising toys

PU toy is a new type of toy with higher grade. It is safe, non-toxic and environmental friendly. It has no danger. The product is soft in handle, not afraid of falling, not afraid of pinching, and has a lovely rebound. It is suitable for playing. It is a good gift toy for preschool education, and also suitable for adults to vent

Props: rebound animals with high simulation degree, simulation food, can be used for teaching performance sketch props.

Children’s toys: playing with each other, not afraid of hurting people and objects. The advantage is safety and elasticity.

Adult vent tools: usually placed on the table, fashion in the naughty, as if back to childhood, when the mood is not happy, hit and throw, let you vent, and don’t worry too much about damaging things and hurting people

Fitness tools for the elderly: when they are free, the elderly can put PU products as toys in the palm of their hands, squeeze them freely, and exercise their hands fully in unconscious self entertainment. The left and right hands are connected with the two hemispheres of the brain, indirectly exercising the brain, which can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular diseases over time

The production process of slow rebound toy: design drawing – making mold – spraying mold in mold – foaming machine mixing and pouring – shaking mold – heating and foaming through drying channel – taking product – trimming and flapping edge – product oil spraying – Product logo printing – Packaging – packing and shipping.

Need to configure: PU slow rising raw material, PU foaming machine, mold, production line, release agent, color paste, fragrance