How to distinguish product quality when purchasing silicone rubber products

How to distinguish product quality when purchasing silicone rubber gifts and products

The use of silicone rubber gifts and products in daily life is becoming more and more common, so when customers purchase silicone rubber products, such as
How to judge the quality of silicone gifts and products?
I believe that many customers do not know much. This article will briefly explain how customers can purchase high-quality silicone rubber products from 4 aspects.

1. Tensile strength and tear strength: Silicone products with high tear strength have outstanding damage resistance, long life, and are not easily disturbed by the external 
environment. Silicone products with poor tear strength generally show that cracks are prone to occur during the tearing process, which rapidly expands and cracks under 
force and causes damage. Such silicone products have a relatively short lifespan.

2. Elasticity: The elasticity of silicone rubber products mainly comes from the movement of the molecular segments of silicone rubber, and good silicone rubber products 
have high elasticity. For users, elasticity is the primary consideration, and high elasticity is the basic element of high-quality silicone rubber products.

3. Abrasion resistance: Abrasion resistance is generally expressed as the ability of the surface of the silicone product to suffer loss. Good silicone products generally rarely
 rub off the surface of the product due to external factors, while the surface characters of inferior silicone rubber products are easy to rub off.

4. Fatigue resistance: The fatigue resistance (aging) of silicone rubber products determines the service life of silicone rubber products. The so-called fatigue resistance refers 
to the phenomenon that some potential defects in the material gradually form cracks due to stress concentration during the fatigue process, and continue to expand until fracture.