How to distinguish good and poor quality of soft rubber PVC keychain raw materials

How to distinguish good and poor quality of soft PVC keychains raw materials?


First of all, check raw materials of soft PVC keychains are environmental friendly or not: PVC raw materials are divided into ordinary raw materials and food-grade raw materials, soft PVC keychains factory HuaYi, its soft PVC keychains be produced with food-grade raw materials, can pass UE, FDA, LFGB and other internationally renowned environmental protection certifications.
Secondly, after soft PVC keychain is formed, there will be a small amount of odor, but it will usually be removed after a few hours of placement. Some customers reported that some soft PVC keychains have a great odor, which cannot be dissipated after a few days, which is very pungent, this is because some keychain factories use inferior raw materials, and they do so in order to reduce costs.


Finally, soft and comfortable feel is also an element of high quality of soft PVC keychains materials.