How to remove the parting line from silicone products

How to remove the parting line from silicone products

What are the methods for silicone products to go to the parting line? How do silicone products go to the parting line? To understand this, we must first understand the concept of the parting line.

Clamping line is a term used for molds in the industry. It means that the upper and lower molds are compressed together, which is called clamping. The interface line that will appear at the clamping place after compression molding is called clamping line. Generally, as long as the two-piece mold is reverse molded or injection molded, the parting line will appear!

The presence of a clamping line will directly affect the appearance of the silicone product. What methods do we have to remove the clamping line for silicone products with a clamping line?

Method 1 for removing the parting line of silicone products: use a mobile polishing machine for grinding. This machine has a mobile grinding method with higher grinding and polishing efficiency. It is composed of a stepless speed regulating motor, a fixed grinding cylinder and a rotating chassis. Driven by the rotating chassis, the mechanical energy of the inner material moves, forming a vortex flow, and completing the grinding and polishing in a short time. It can repair the mold line of the product very beautifully

The second method of removing the parting line for silicone products: you can use a high-speed trimming gun to polish the parting line, but this grinding is a bit troublesome and labor-intensive

Method 3 for removing the parting line of silicone products: use a grinding and polishing machine, also known as a grinding machine, which is often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is that the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disc installed on the polishing machine to rotate at a high speed. Because the polishing disc and the polishing agent work together and rub against the surface to be polished, the purpose of removing paint pollution, oxide layer and shallow marks can be achieved. . The rotational speed of the polishing disc is generally 1500-3000 r/min, mostly infinitely variable, and can be adjusted at any time according to needs during construction

Method 4 of removing the parting line of silicone products: put the silicone products into the grinder and fuse with the small particles of sandstone, then put water and sand to grind them, and stir back and forth at high speed in the barrel of the grinder filled with water and sand. It has certain characteristics of grinding and polishing, and the silicone product is rubbed back and forth with the sand during the stirring process to remove the self-disassembly and surface defects of the product, which can achieve a frosted effect and a mirror effect.