6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver


6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver

made with food grade silicone

size: 158mm length*15mm width (6.22inch*0.59 inch)

color: grey, clear, white, pink, blue

net weigt: 8.5g

adjustable: yes, 3 buttons each side


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6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver


size: 158mm length*15mm width*5mm thickness(6.22inch*0.59 inch*0.2inch)

color: grey, clear, white, pink, blue, black, custom colors if specify

net weigt: 8.5g

adjustable: yes, one size fit all

imprint logo: acceptable

levels quantity: 3, each end with 3 buttons, suitable for all face masks

advantages for this 6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver: super soft, anti-slip, comfort, ear protection


Which problems the 6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver solve:

  1. red, swollen and painful ears due to prolonged wearing
  2. face mask not fit to fall off


How to wear 6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver:

insert an string of mask into one of buttons at one end of the ear saver, place ear saver at lower end of the back of head

Keeping mask covers the nose  to the chin of face, and another mask string is embedded in one of buttons at the other end of ear saver

Embed in different gears accoring to your own head sizes, wear the mask well


Why choose us for 6 inch food grade soft silicone face mask ear saver?

Stable supply, huge existing stock

Environmentally friendly material

Strict quality control

Professional factory with several years exporting experience


Imprint with logo:

imprint area: center of face mask ear saver center

imprint size: 5cm length * 1cm width(1.97 inch *0.39 inch)

imprint method: silk screen


Our company growth process and advantages:

Company growth process:

From the beginning of pure manual operation, to now we have 46 sets of automatic dispensing equipment, 8 sets of printing equipment, 4 sets of ultrasonic, 10 sets of hot-pressing cooling equipment, 4 sets of packaging and sealing machines

Currently have more than 100 employees ,  annual sales exceeded tens of millions, and it passed Disney certification in 2012.

At present, there are more than 10 brands in cooperation, such as: Disney, B.Duc



1. Using precise automatic dispensing machine to complete the coloring of product patterns and logos

2. No customer quality complaints for three consecutive years, and exported to many countries and regions

3. Products that with repeated orders twice a month have been realized Planned inventory and sales

4. Fast delivery to customers in 3 days

5. The excellent rate of product quality far exceeds that of its peers

6. 30 of the world’s top 500 companies are using our products

7. The molds made by precise CNC engraving machine make the product error controlled within 0.005

8. 100% use environmentally friendly silicone raw materials, which have passed the international ROHS and FDA testing


Features of silicone raw material:

  1. high and low temperature resistance: applicable temperature range is -40 to 230 degrees Celsisus
  2. easy to clean: silicone products produced by silicone raw materials can be cleaned with clean water after use
  3. long lifetime: chemical properties of silicone raw material are very stable, products made of silicone raw material have a longer life than those made of other raw materials
  4. soft and comfortable: thanks to the softness of silicone raw material, products produced by it are comfortable to touch, extremely flexible and not deformed



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