Custom PVC keychains


Custom PVC keychains

Custom PVC keychains

material: soft PVC, metal

shape: can be any shape

finish: 2D or 3D

color: any color

size: bespoke


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Custom PVC keychains

custom pvc keychains

custom pvc keychains logo shape

Custom PVC keychains with ideal rubber PVC material and our professional experience:

Fashionable and durable,  rubber PVC keychains can be made into 2D and 3D effects according to customer requirements.

Surface pattern of rubber PVC keychains has a dispensing process, with distinct layers and clear lines, fitting are made of high-quality environmental protection hardware rings.

Fine workmanship, smooth texture, clear indentation, smooth edges and corners, no burrs.


What we can do free for Custom PVC keychains:

free existing samples

free artwork

free proof

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