Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls


Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls

Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls

MOQ: 100pcs

material: soft PVC

color: any color

size: any size

payment: L/C, T/T, western union, paypal

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Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls

Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls from our factory with premium quality made by talent and professional team, will certainly get your message logo max. exposure and improve your brands recognition.



brand: bespoke

size: can be any size

shape: be customized as request

processing: micro injection dispensing

finishing: 2D flat or 3D

mass production time: 7-15 days


Why choose soft rubber PVC for zipper pulls?

Soft rubber PVC features: touching soft, strong 3D feeling, durable, washable, wear-resistant, high-tempreature resistant, good elasticity, no bursting, no dropping


Production processing for Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls:

  • preparation and adjust of raw materials
  • debug of dispensing machines
  • dispensing (coloring) processing
  • high temperature hot stamping
  • make mold cold with water
  • demoulding
  • forming as one piece
  • manual trimming
  • packing
About our high production efficiency from our automatic dispensing machines of Custom rubber PVC zipper pulls:
Precise one-to-to one manual programming, special software, simple operation, multi-needle multi-color, accurate dripping, 8-12 colors nedles, multi-needle can be dispensed at the same time to save labor costs, greatly improve production efficiency, a fully automatic dispensing machine can replace 4-6 skilled manual workers, one persion can operate several machines, several workers can operate the machines to complete the workload of dozens of workers manually operated

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