Custom soft PVC luggage tags

material: soft PVC front, ABS plastic back frame or PVC backing, plastic PP strap, blank ID paper card and clear window slip

manufacturer: HuaYi

color: PMS colors matched

size: any size

shape: rectangular, round, square, any irregular shape

finish: 2D or 3D

H.S. code: 3926 909000

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OEM soft PVC luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags i love flying design

China factory Custom soft PVC luggage tags with over 15 years experiences in this field! As a professional manufacturer, our advantages as below:

  • custom in any size, any color, any shape
  • made in 2D or 3D
  • produce with various types of straps accessories
  • no minimum
  • free existing samples
  • free logo and design, free artwork eproofs
  • free color match
  • low mold charge
  • quotation in 24 hours, 1 to 1 customer service
  • imprint logo effect: embossed, debossed, silk screen printing, offset print
  • free setup charge for imprint
  • rush order accept
  • eco-friendly: meets EN71-3 standard
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • best price and most competitive freight
  • strong R & D department
  • quality control: 100% inspection before packing, spot inspection before shipment
  • after-sale service: free replacement if find out any short or defective soft pvc luggage tags within 30 days after shipment
  • productivity: supply a quantity of 500,000pcs per month, stable production capacity
  • management: have strong team work, formal workshop management
  • custom soft PVC luggage tags with premium quality: high quality German and Japan imported raw PVC materials, clear outlines and bright colors, coloring precision


All 3 types custom soft PVC luggage tags:

basic shape custom soft PVC luggage tags like square shape, round shape, square shape

popular shape custom soft PVC luggage tags like airplaned shape, camera shape, luggage shape

customer’s own designed shape custom soft PVC luggage tags


What are soft PVC luggage tags?

what are soft pvc luggage tags

what are soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags finished products

soft PVC luggage tags are the items which made with soft PVC rubber in front side, and its back side with name and address insert paper card for identification information which can also fit a business card. They are stylish and functional promotion gift which with long lasting branding effect, as great custom items.

They have many other names like rubber PVC luggage tags, 3D Soft PVC luggage tags, 2D Custom PVC luggage tags, personalized PVC luggage tags, customized luggage tags in PVC, Custom soft PVC bag tags, PVC rubber travel luggage tags, rubber suitcase tags, rubber baggage tags, soft PVC backpack tags, promotional PVC luggage tags, moulded PVC luggage tags


What are soft PVC luggage tags used for?

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags ID tag for luggage

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags-see your luggage one glance

Identify bags: soft PVC luggage tags help you not waste time at airport carousel, they can Identifying luggage bags, suitcases, belongings when you traveling with long distances

Custom Soft PVC Luggage Tags for promotion: some airline companies or travel agencies will give free luggage tags to their clients or staffs as promotional advertising,trade show vendors as business gift

Souvenirs: souvenirs for touriest attractions for scenic area

Widely used: soft PVC luggage tags are suitable for any carry-on luggage, suitcase, kid school bags, baby bags, sports bags, backpack and briefcase


Why soft PVC luggage tags are ideal for your promotion?

  • soft PVC raw material is economic
  • as free giveaways to hotel, travel and holiday companys to promote your products or service
  • one side with 3D branding effect with maximim exposure of your logo
  • reverse side can be screen printed with logo and write the tag owner’s message


Soft PVC luggage tags standard sizes:

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags square shape

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags round shape

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags rectangular shaped

  • Rectangular: 105mm x 65mm(4.13 inch * 2.56 inch)
    Circle: 75mm diameter(2.95 inch)
    Square: 75mm x 75mm(2.95 inch*2.95inch)
  • Thickness: 2D logo: 3.0 to 4.0mm thickness, 3D logo: 4.0 to 6.0mm thickness


Soft PVC luggage tags features:

durable, flexible, soft, wear-resistant,reuseable, unique design, with rich moulded color 3D effect front for logo, extraotdinary display of your logo and travel with its owner

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags PVC insert

Strap accessories of Soft PVC luggage tags:

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags vinyl loop

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags plastic strap

  • plastic strap: can be adjustable, made from textured vinyl with economic cost
  • plastic loop: 6″ or 9″ often used to hang soft PVC luggage tags on luggage bags
  • elastic cord loop: with knotted end
  • stainless wire cable: with easy open screw head make attaching tags to your suitcase
  • ball chain strap: ball chain is the cheap way to strap on your luggage tag


Soft PVC luggage tags backing types:

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags hard plastic backing

Custom soft pvc luggage tags

Direct imprint backing custom soft pvc luggage tags

  • plain: no address label and card
  • printed: name and address messages directly printed on PVC back
  • soft rubber PVC insert: back with a soft PVC pocket, a clear window and a name address paper card included, with higher cost, double-sided clamping and molding at one time, the cost of combining two single-sided is higher than that of single-sided
  • hard plastic back frame: adhere hard plastic frame to the reverse side of luggage tag, a clear window and paper address card included



Max. 4 spot colors imprint on the back side

setup charge no need to be paid


Artwork and proof for Custom soft PVC luggage tags:

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags artwork

  • customers can provide artwork if they have
  • we could do artwork for customers for free if they not have
  • proof for customers’ confirmation


Artwork requirements:

  • provide full CMYK artwork
  • artwork format should be AI, PDF, PSD, TIF, resolution not less than 300DPI, text should be coverted into curves
  • the design draft must add 2mm bleeding position around the finished size


If you need Custom soft PVC luggage tags, how to order from us?

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags production process

  • step 1: inquire with your specific requirement, include size, color, shape, finishing, quantity, imprint method, strap and back type, packing, shipping address with zip code
  • step 2: quote with competitive price
  • step 3: make payment on setup charge
  • step 4: customer send us artwork or we do artwork for customer
  • step 5: engrave mold and sample
  • step 6: confirm sample and payment for order
  • steop 7: mass production
  • step 8: packing, quality control and ship out your order


Production process of Custom soft PVC luggage tags:

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags molds

  • our skilled mold masters quickly and accurately carve molds that meet customer requirements according to the artwork provided by customers
  • the color master with rich experience ensures that the color of raw materials same as PMS color,  The raw materials are transfered to the coloring machine
  • dispensing(or micro injection, automatic coloring)
  • baking mold with approximately 350℉ for 4 to 5 minutes, cooling mold, wiping mold
  • add bottom material
  • forming, cooling, mold release
  • elimination: use scissors to cut off the burr waste


HuaYi workshop, machines and workers:

Custom soft pvc luggage tags

Custom soft pvc luggage tags oven machine

12 automatic dispensing machines, 10 PVC clamping machines, 10 full automatic oven machines, more than 30 skilled dispensing workers, over 5 soft PVC products production line

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags dispensing machines

Parts names of dispensing machine for Custom Soft PVC Luggage Tags:

custom soft pvc luggage tags

custom soft pvc luggage tags dispensing machine

FAQs for Custom soft PVC luggage tags:

  1. Q: What is MOQ of your Custom soft PVC luggage tags?
    A: No MOQ.
  2. Q: Can your product pass SGS, EN71, REACH etc test?
    A: Yes, our products can pass testing, we will send for your reference.
  3. Q: How fast Custom soft PVC luggage tags samples being finished quickly?
    A: It will take 3-5 working days after artwork confirmed.
  4. Q: How fast can we get a price?
    A:  within 1 hour.
  5. Q: What guarantee do I have that I have to pay in advance? What will you do if the products you shipped are wrong or poorly made?
    A: paying through paypal will make your money safe. We have more than 15 years experience in this field, reputation is very important for us, quality satisfying is our major life.
  6. Q: How can I get a tracking number of my order that has been shipped?
    A: We will email you the tracking number directly once the goods are shipped.
  7. Q: Are you a direct manufacturer?
    A: Yes, we are manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory.
  8. Q: Can you make glow in the dark Custom Soft PVC Luggage Tags?
    A: Yes, we can.
  9. Q: what’s the sampling time and mass production time for my order?
          A: Sample time 3-5 days, mass production time 7-12 days
     10. Q: How to ship out your soft PVC luggage tags order?
           A: By sea, by air, by DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT.
  • can not be cut with a knife
  • wash directly with water, do not use chemicals to clean the surface
Quality comparison between our soft PVC luggage tags and others producers’:
custom soft pvc luggage tags

quality comparision of custom soft pvc luggage tags ours others

Knowledge about Custom soft PVC luggage tags:
1. What is the difference between 2D embossed and 3D embossed soft PVC luggage tags?
    2D embossed have embossed elements raised by same amount, so there can be different layers to the design but each layer will be flat while
    3D embossed can have embossed elements raised by different amounts, so layers can have curves or rounded elements
2. What are mould charges mentioned for soft PVC luggage tags?
A mould charge is a one off charge to create a mould required for soft PVC luggage tag and is charged as part of an initial order. When
    you reorder, the same mould is used and therefore no charge need to be paid again
3. What kind of glue is generally used for Custom soft PVC luggage tags and how to bond them?
At present, resin glue is generally used for Custom soft PVC luggage tags. One is for bonding at room temperature, and the other is to
    be heated to 60 degrees for bonding. The operation is simple and performance is excellent.
    How to bond? Just apply glue on both sides of Custom soft PVC luggage tags that needs to be bonded, then press plastic material and
    silicone material together, position it, and then place it at room temperature to cure.
    At present, most manufacturers’ Custom soft PVC luggage tags are mainly bonded with heated resin glue.
Refund Retun Policy:
Since customized products can not be re-sold, we will not refund or exchange those goods after customer receive them without quality problem.
If there is a quality problem, customer must take a video or take a photo within 7 working days after receiving goods for feedback. We will verify afater receiving the feedback. If there is a quality problem, we will compensate or resend them accoring to the actual situation.
About us:
HuaYi Industry CO., Limited is a China manufacturer for custom soft PVC and silicone related products for years, most of our products export many abroad countries with premium quality, years of experience, large and stable supply, strict quality control who is worthy of your trust and entrustment on your orders
What our clients say on our products and service:
At the beginning, we didn’t have a complete idea of ​​how to customize our products. Later, with the help of huayi, we gradually realized it. They helped us from free design to when we received the goods. The speed is really amazing! — From United States Greg Wells
When I was looking for soft PVC products, I also looked for a lot of Chinese suppliers. As the details of the communication became more and more, we found that the business personnel of HuaYi Company were more attentive and professional, so we finally chose to cooperate with them.  — From United Kingdom Mr. Adam Edgley
If you want to find a China company that will serve you wholeheartedly, I suggest choosing huayi company, their sales staff are very professional and take the customer’s business as their own business, they are really responsible!  — From German Christoph Wolf
All in all, Custom soft PVC luggage tags with a professional factory with years in this field is very correct decision for your order and business.

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