Shipping Methods

Shipping methods

HuaYi offers many different shipping methods, depending on your specific needs. Depending on the speed, specific type of product (such as batteries) and speed we can arrange shipment with the shipping company of your choice.


Air – (Expedited)

United Posal Service – Often more expensive than DHL, UPS offers expedient shipping similiar to DHL.

DHL is often the best choice for both speed of delivery and cost.

While similiar in speed, FedEx is often more expensive than other shipping services in China and tends to have more regulations.

More expensive than DHL and UPS, TNT can be a solution for some types of products, particularly for battery shipments.


Air – (Post)

Delivery time and pricing is unstable, however EMS can be a solution for shipments that are not time sensitive.

By far the most cost effective solution for small shipments, Singapore and Hong Kong Post shipments take an average of 2-3 weeks to most destinations in Europe, the Americas and the Pacific. Please note that shipments sent through Singapore and Hong Kong Post do not include tracking details.


Sea – Container

Upon request we can arrange for a dedicated or shared container as well as ship by pallet. Please contact us for more information.