How HuaYi controls the quality of silicone luggage tags

How HuaYi controls the quality of silicone luggage tags


High quality standard: ehether producing silicone luggage tags for famous brand, such as Disney, Sanrio, etc., or helping airline company producing, all silicone luggage tags used for advertising and promotions all executed to high quality standard by HuaYi.

Separate quality inspection room (dust-free environment): For better control silicone luggage tags quality, there is a separate quality inspection room (dust-free environment) in HuaYi.

Inspection personnel well trained: All quality inspection personnel have been trained and passed the assessment to get to work.

How to control each link: in production process, each production link is equipped with quality inspection personnel to carry out full inspection, preventing defective products from entering the next link. this method not only improves quality rate of products, but also improves production efficiency.

Quality data: quality data is one of the advantages of HuaYi, as most of the quality inspection of silicone factories is judged by the naked eye, while HuaYi is assisted by instruments and equipped with color difference instruments, tension meters and other sophisticated testing instruments, everything is based on accurate data.